Smoother vanilla compiling and Linux build

Hi beloved users,

at first I want to welcome JayBinks as new developer in our team, this awesome Australian guy did just what some of you codemonkeys and singing geeks wanted to have: a way more easier way to compile our source. We now have the third party libs in our SVN too, so it's now working like a charm to be up to date with us developers.
He's also supporting us in a way that makes the Linux users hopefully smiling, I can't tell you more at this point but we hope to get a wider user base through this too. So if you're skilled and willing to help us, just join us crazy people on IRC[1] - we're on MET timezone, please consider this if you're from a far far away land :)

We also still need some experienced video encoder, who helps us to betatest the ffmpeg support - which already works quite awesome. We already tested the major codecs like divx/xvid, flv, mkv and all the others - but we need to know how good it's working on your machines.

Wish you all a nice week, and hope you enjoy singing with UltraStar Deluxe as much as we do.

PS: Also thanks to our new users, we experienced an awesome growth in the download counts - which makes us very proud and keep our motivation up for new awesome features :D

[1] Either use our web client powered by pjirc for that (written in Java, may take a while till it's loading is done):
Or use your client and connect to a QuakeNet server and join #ultrastardx

Posted by Mog 2007-09-05