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  • Anonymous

    I installed this plugin just fine on one site but on the second I'm receiving the following error:

    Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in /home/content/-----/html/plugins/system/tyntjoomla.php  on line 24. Any ideas?

  • Seth Kaplan
    Seth Kaplan

    Strange.  First, which version of the plugin are you using?  If you're not using the absolute latest version, uninstall your current plugin and reinstall the latest version.

    Now onto the stupid questions - Have you confirmed you're using a different Tynt ID on the second site than on the working site?  Is the second site a stock Joomla site or have you added any other plugins, or changed the system config any way that causes it to behave differently, especially in terms of displaying URLs?  Have you tweaked .htaccess any?

    My guess is that you need to double check your Tynt parameters, or that there's something different with the config on your second site because this is the first reported error like that and you've got it working on one site already.  The Tynt plugin doesn't do much error-checking, if any, so if there's a problem with the way your second site is displaying URLs, this will appear as an error in the Tynt code whereas it's really a problem with the site that's being passed onto the plugin.

    One possible test is to use the OVERRIDE field in the plugin settings.  Copy the would-be code from tynt.com pertaining to your second site, and paste that code into the OVERRIDE field in the plugin settings.  This will cause the plugin to ignore all the other parameters you've manually inserted and just render the code you've pasted in. 

    The only problem I see with the OVERRIDE method is that this section of the code is executed ~after~ line 24 (your error message).  The only reason I can see why line 24 wouldn't execute in the first place is because some Joomla setting or other plugin is preventing tyntjoomla.php from accessing the parameters stored in the associated tyntjoomla.xml file.  The most common culprit is a malformed URL being passed to the plugin, which would typically only happen if something else in your Joomla config was causing that to get messed up.

    So my reply is a little all over the place.  First, confirm your version # and upgrade your plugin if necessary.  Then tell me more about your config, plugins, .htaccess or anything else possibly messing with URLs.  Next, try the override code trick.  Turn on Joomla legacy mode next if you still have problems.  Lastly, direct message me on Twitter @superflytnt and we can talk off-thread about you letting me into your site with admin credentials if you don't mind me snooping around and I'll see if there's something else going on that I can't find. 

    We'll get to the bottom of it.  Cheers.