Is TuxGuitar still alive?

  • Arttu Vanninen
    Arttu Vanninen

    Is the application being developed any longer? I love TuxGuitar, but it needs improvement in some places:
    - printing: make default font sizes readable + add a way to adjust printing margins
    - introduce tab interface to enable multiple files to be open in the same window
    - startup wizard: easy way to start writing different kinds of tabs (I'm thinking of bass tabs here)

    Maybe there could be a fundraiser or something to promote the further development of TuxGuitar?

  • tonyjustme

    It seems to still be alive, the developer akdmia has been adding code to it a lot lately if you have a look on the Summary page of the project.

    I wrote him an e-mail requesting that he release an update that contains all the new code he has added because when people see that the last version was done back in 2009 the first thought that comes to one's mind is that the project's dead.

    He hasn't replied yet, but I hope he will, this software is way to valuable to just abandon…

    Though there is one HUGE limitation that this project has: it can only write scores for 2 voice, and not 4 or 5 for example, so you can't really use it for classical guitar scores, only modern bass and clean leads…

    MuseScore is so much better than this and it can also have the normal stave with a tab stave underneath.

  • tonyjustme

    Sorry, scratch that, I noticed that the last code commits were about a year ago, I thought it was october this year.

    So yeah, I guess it's pretty much dead……

  • Arttu Vanninen
    Arttu Vanninen

    If only MuseScore opened Guitar Pro files. Well, I guess I have to put my hopes in MuseScore 2.0…

  • Stefan Bradl
    Stefan Bradl

    Seems like the project is really dead :(

    I am currently trying to contact the developers to get some information on that,

    If they confirm that they stopped development maybe I will continue the project. But that is something I cannot do alone…

  • bayo

    if there is a fork somewhere, i can be interested too contribute a very little (cause i would like to fix some issues)
    but musescore looks really better (i dont know it) with an active dev community (but it is not java :-)

  • Tom Potts
    Tom Potts

    Some activity this month!
    I'm gonna have a look at the code and see if I can help

  • kotowvr

    The project is definitely being developed and there are loads of new features, such as *.gpx file support, and some other useful stuff. You can just make an svn checkout of the source code and launch the corresponding file form TuxGuitar-testing folder.
    Long live tuxguitar!

  • Blaine Simpson
    Blaine Simpson

    Post awaiting moderation.
  • Collette

    You can also rebuild everything from sources:

    Once you have checked out a svn working copy, go into


    here, start the compilation using maven (you will need to install maven and some other depedencies like jack-devel, fluidsynth-devel, etc ...) :

    mvn clean package -Dnative-modules=true

    You will find the compiled distrib in


    Here, start


    • Tom Potts
      Tom Potts

      Thanks for that!
      Any idea how to get it building/working under Netbeans or Eclipse so I can climb in using the debugger and get a better idea about how the whole thing works?

      • Tom Potts
        Tom Potts

        Whats the "mvn clean package -Dnative-modules=true" format to build a debug version so I can attach the debugger from Netbeans?

    • AbbeAbyss

      I'm trying to compile on OS X, so I run

      mvn clean package -Dnative-modules=true

      in the build-scripts/tuxguitar-macosx-cocoa-64 folder. However, I'm getting errors related to swt; the output of mvn is at

      I have the latest version (4.4) of swt.jar in /Library/Java/Extensions which is where you put .jar files in OS X so it should be on the class path.

      Does anyone know how to fix this?

      In general, what would be the proper way of compiling from the latest SVN source tree on OS X?

      Last edit: AbbeAbyss 2014-11-15
      • Try edit the main pom.xml file.
        In <profiles> section add this new profile:


        Please tell me if it works to update svn version of pom file.

        • David

          This worked for me! Please include in SVN :-)

  • Collette

    Here is a small patch against pom.xml (located in build-scripts/tuxguitar-linux-x86_64/).
    It activates the gpx module and the midi-input module.

  • Matt McVicar
    Matt McVicar

    So glad to hear this is still alive!

    So, my ulterior motive I'm afraid is to do some grovelling. Would someone be able to add pitch bending to the musicxml output in a patch? This would be really useful to me, as currently only the 'prebent' notes are printed, which can be out of key. This means that down the pipeline, I get really dissonant note cropping up in my project. MusicXML has pitch bending specified here:

    so it should be fairly easy to dump it, for someone with the right java skills (not me!).

    Thanks in advance!


  • I could compile from the source code. Great. I found a small bug already : the metronome does not work. You here no tick on the beat when it is on.

    One small improvement I'd love to do would be to display the current tempo in the practice window in case you are practicing on progressive tempo. Can anybody tell the package containing that function ?

    Another thing is that slides are not correctly translated from PTB but that was already the case in 1.2.

  • Collette

    Not a bug.
    The metronome only works if there is a drum track in the tab.
    Without drum track, no sound from from tuxguitar.

  • volfste2

    Hello, I'm currently working on adding mute/solo checkboxes in the track list. This image illustrates what the result should look like: I've noticed that this functionality is partially implemented in the current version. The mute/solo settings are being shown but changing them still requires an additional right click. I'm modifying the 1.2 version because I'm more used to it. Once I'm done I will upload the result as an independent repository. Should I implement this feature for the current version as well?

    UPDATE: In the end, I decided to modify the current version only. The result can be found at

    Last edit: volfste2 2015-05-26
  • lauraliparulo

    Is it possible to contribute to the project to make a newer version?

    • Jerk

      You can post patch and hope that project owner applies it.