#24 Patch for adding 32 bit color depth option to RDP connection

Divya Basant

Patch adds an option of 32 bit option to color depth for RDP connection, which is expected in Bug ID: 2829851. While writing the patch, I also find that the color depth value choosen does not get saved in the .config/tsclient/connections.<title>.tsc file. As a result, if same connection is opened for editing next time, the default value for color depth is always 24 irrespective of what was being selected while creating the connection and this value was not getting passed while establishing the connection to the remote client.

Patch has improved the color depth functionality in the following ways:

1] It saves the color-depth value to .tsc file created for the connection. If user does not bother to modify the Advanced Options in the window, default (which is currently set to 32) is saved in the file.

2] Next time user tries to edit the connection, appropriate value is active/set in the color depth (bitdepth_combo, program id for the same) combo box based on what was set previously.

3] Value of color depth selected is passed to the connection (as -a <color-depth-vale>). For default -a 32 is passed.

4] With all the above, it takes care of the problem mentioned in Bug ID: 2829851


  • Divya Basant
    Divya Basant

    Patch to handle the color depth for rdp connection with an added option of 32 bit