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ToolBot redesign and new roadmap

In order to accommodate a number of much desired features including configuration files, access control lists, and user defined reactions to events is has become necessary to redesign ToolBot.
The new ToolBot is being called ToolBotNG for Tool Bot Next Generation.
All options will be set from a configuration file instead of a compile and run time.
Features on the goal sheet are:
lastseen showing the last time someone was seen
Automatic Log Rotation: Ability to schedule regular intervals to rotate channel logs
Catch-phrase quote gathering Log user defined catch phrases to a special file. Be able to re-gurgitate a random quip based upon what has been previously seen.
Provide the ability to save log opt-in/out preferences based on channel and nick
Currently if the ToolBot is kicked from a channel it trys to auto-rejoin the channel, reaction will now be user defined but could include calling an external program
HTML formatting and color in logs.... read more

Posted by Jonathan Auer 2002-07-03

0.4.0 Released

Merged the botnet library into toolbot, no more chasing dependencies.
Still very buggy.

Posted by Jonathan Auer 2001-12-23

0.3.0 Released

Lots of bug fixes and improved logging supporting HTML as output.

Posted by Aaron Turner 2000-07-23

Survey: What features would you like?

I've started a survey and I invite everyone to let me know what features they'd like to see in future versions of ToolBot. Features that aren't in other bots are especially appreciated.

Posted by Aaron Turner 2000-07-11