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Visual Studio Add-on / News: Recent posts

Features Discution

I open a new forum Needed Features in which we can discuss features that our add-on needs. I want to make our work a little bit faster...

Posted by Alex Kucherenko 2002-06-06

.NET version features document

.NET features document published. In it described current version add-on problems and suggestions to new NET version. document is still draft and must be well rewritten.

Posted by Alex Kucherenko 2002-06-06

Last Version of UML diagrams

Now I publish a new version of UML diagrams to Visual Studio Add-on. UML report was generated by GDPro software... Good Luck

Posted by Alex Kucherenko 2002-05-23

Sources published again!!!

Hi to all! Sources of add-on published again. Enjoy.

Posted by Alex Kucherenko 2002-05-13

New features

- now developer can filter results of STL debugging view
- in registry can be set value which disable Splash Screen...

Posted by Alex Kucherenko 2002-04-12

Project closed and become commercial

From that moment project become a commerial product and all properties to this product are given to ELEKS Software Ltd. company... In short time will be new release of add-on and all news and updates can be found on http://www.eleks.lviv.ua site

Posted by Alex Kucherenko 2001-11-13