TinyGraphs - Open Source Excel Add-in for Sparklines Generat

We are pleased to announce the release of TinyGraphs, an open source Excel add-in for generating sparklines.

The sparklines, or tiny graphs, are as small as a cell and can be placed next to the items they describe. Multiple number of such graphics present an elegant way for visualizing large quantities of data, such as stock prices and exchange rates.

The TinyGraphs plug-in creates a sparkline for every row of data in a rectangular block of cells. It supports lines, area and column charts and provides options for customizing them. The tiny graphics generated by the plug-in can be further reformatted for more variations, like soft shadows, 3D and glow effects.

TinyGraphs currently supports Excel 2000, 2003 and 2007.

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Posted by spreadsheet2100 2007-09-03