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Port to JBoss-3.2.1 and AndroMDA 2.0.X complete

timetowork-POC0.2 release works on JBoss-3.2.1.

This release was built using AndroMDA 2.0.3.

Posted by Tony Mowers 2003-10-20

Source is broken while porting AndroMDA 2.0.3

The source code is temporarily broken. It is being ported to use AndroMDA 2.0.3 for doing its UML to source code generation.

AndroMDA is an MDA (model driven architecture) product. One objective of the timetowork project is to have the bulk of its code generated from UML models.

Posted by Tony Mowers 2003-09-10

first Proof-of-concept release

Hi all,

I have released a very early version of the 'time tracking application'. It is meant as a starting point for further discussions.

It can be downloaded from:

The release is a zip file containing two files:

The user guide explains what to do with the EAR file.

I posted some diagrams and such of the data model that it uses at:
http://timetowork.sourceforge.net/model... read more

Posted by Tony Mowers 2003-01-07