Martin BODIN

This is an Ocaml implementation of a variant of Core War I’ve invented where programs can travels through time (which can replace the threads).

It’s more or less functionnel now. There stay some bugs, but we can play with it right now!
If you have any warrior, you can send them to me by email, I’ll send you mines back ;)

To try it quickly, just type in an Unix terminal the following command:
bzr branch bzr://timecorewar.bzr.sourceforge.net/bzrroot/timecorewar ; cd timecorewar ; make all opt

There is although a JavaScript implementation of it, where you can play directly in your browser aginst my warriors there: http://perso.ens-lyon.fr/martin.bodin/index.html?page=timecorewar

You can exchange fighter or discuss about strategies on https://sourceforge.net/projects/timecorewar/forums/forum/2514282
If you want any informations about this project, just contact me!


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Example of a match

Project Members: