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#4642 HTML documentation generated with wrong titles

obsolete: 8.6b1

In cases where there are duplicated file names, e.g. TclLib/Object.htm and ITclLib/Object.htm, the wrong title tag gets generated for html page. For example,

Generate the documentation from source. Look at the <title> tag in the files html/TclLib/Object.htm and html/ItclLib/Object.htm. Notice that they are both identical -ie. in my case the TclLib/Object.htm file had the title for the Itcl Object man page.

This results in the wrong title being displayed when viewed in a browser. More irksome, generating a MS .CHM file results in the Table of Contents showing the wrong text.

Observed on Windows though it's probably platform-independent.


  • One other thing, I've noticed this problem only recently. Perhaps some change was made in the generating script, or possibly the Itcl docs were only added recently to the build resulting in duplicate file names causing the script to become confused.

  • I'm responsible for the code to generate HTML, so it is my job to fix. And the problem is that there are two Object.3 files; this causes the HTML scraper to get very confused. (They're not currently a problem in installation, as the itcl package that we've got now does not install its C API docs and the Tcl docs are disambiguated to their actual function names.)

    • priority: 5 --> 9
    • assigned_to: stwo --> dkf
    • priority: 9 --> 7
    • status: open --> open-later
  • Fixed by preventing the generation of HTML for Itcl's C interface (OK, since the package doesn't install those docs at the moment anyway). Ought to work on fixing this *properly* anyway since the issue is bound to come up in the future, so keeping issue open.

    • status: open-later --> closed-fixed
  • Properly fixed. Title handling was using too short a key for uniqueness to be guaranteed.

  • Properly fixed. Title handling was using too short a key for uniqueness to be guaranteed.