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#4435 Tcl_ExternalToUtf(...dst, dstLen,...) writes to dst[dstLen]

obsolete: 8.5.7
Don Porter
Don Porter

The docs of Tcl_ExternalToUtf() are unclear on the
boundaries of the write buffer. They say "... and up
to dstLen converted bytes are stored in dst." which
suggests bytes will be written in dst[0] up
to dst[dstLen-1]. And that appears to be an accurate
description of what the underlying ToUtfProc() does.
However, then Tcl_ExternalToUtf() appends a terminating
NUL character, and if the ToUtfProc has used all dstLen
bytes, T_ETU writes to dst[dstLen].


  • Don Porter
    Don Porter

    It should also be noted that no bytes (except that
    terminating NUL) will be written unless dstLen is
    at least TCL_UTF_MAX.

  • Don Porter
    Don Porter

    Sorry, I missed a line in Tcl_ExternalToUtf().
    It decrements dstLen before passing to the
    ToUtfProc to account for the byte it needs to
    write NUL into.

  • Don Porter
    Don Porter

    no matter what the value of dstLen, writing
    to the byte *dst must work. That is, don't expect
    dstLen==0 to work.

    To get at least one actual character in the output
    buffer, dstLen must have a minimum value of
    TCL_UTF_MAX + 1.

  • miguel sofer
    miguel sofer

    • assigned_to: msofer --> dgp
  • Maybe this just needs to be documented.