#1787 refcount crash in file readlink

obsolete: 8.4a4
Vince Darley
Jeffrey Hobbs

The file readlink command in the new VFS system isn't
handling refcounts right, leading to repeatable crash
situations. The following code will crash on RH6.1 or

foreach file [lsort [glob /usr/bin/c*]] {
catch { file readlink $file }

There relevant stack trace info is:

#0 0x400bd990 in free () from /lib/libc.so.6
#1 0x080f375f in TclpFree (cp=0x810909c "")
at ../generic/tclAlloc.c:1639
#2 0x08072bff in Tcl_Free (ptr=0x810909c "")
at ../generic/tclCkalloc.c:1160
#3 0x080c5856 in FreeFsPathInternalRep
at ../generic/tclIOUtil.c:3780
#4 0x080558d4 in TclFreeObj (objPtr=0x81314f8)
at /cvs/tcl/tcl8.4/unix/../generic/tclObj.c:696
#5 0x080c82f2 in FreeListInternalRep
at ../generic/tclListObj.c:1387
#6 0x0809ddde in TclExecuteByteCode
(interp=0x810f110, codePtr=0x81188a8)
at ../generic/tclExecute.c:1375
#7 0x0809d150 in TclCompEvalObj (interp=0x810f110,
at ../generic/tclExecute.c:941
#8 0x0806e63d in Tcl_EvalObjEx (interp=0x810f110,
flags=131072) at ../generic/tclBasic.c:3864

If you remove the Tcl_DecrRefCount at tclCmdAH.c:1113
the bug will go away, but I'm sure that it leaking
memory. This needs to get addressed ASAP, along with
a more robust test suite on the VFS stuff (with a
purify run if possible).


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    That DecrRefCount is certainly needed according to the way
    the code is documented -- 'Tcl_FSLink' returns an object
    with refCount 1, which goes up to 2 when it is set as the
    interp's result. So therefore it should be decremented.

    I can't see anything obviously wrong, but
    Tcl_FSNewNativePath is the likely culprit. Perhaps
    something odd is happening with the 'pure normalized' path-
    type Tcl_Obj that is created. There is some slightly
    tricky logic with these, since they actually contain a
    circular reference, by design. -- Vince.

    As far as a more robust test suite on VFS stuff goes,
    that's hard to do without adding a proper vfs package to
    the core. Ideas appreciated, however.

  • Vince Darley
    Vince Darley

    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Vince Darley
    Vince Darley

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    See fix to bug 511666, which contains a fix to this.
    Tested on linux.