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#12 Palm Demo Application Compiler Problems

scott schmitz

I just compiled the palm syncml project and found many
little problems that needed to be fixed. I was compiling
using CodeWarrior 8.3

* segments were too large. Was 2 segments. I added
2 others and moved most everything from first segment
into the new 2 segments. Left the main, the two
libraries and the form code in first segment.

* min() this function is now available in palmutils.h

* stdlib.h is in a different path now - fixed that

* Pilot.h - I couldn't find the file, so created one and
added the following files to it:

#include <PalmOS.h>
#include <PalmOSGlue.h>
#include <PalmCompatibility.h>
#include <PalmUtils.h>

* Had to cast about 120 different places, mostly in
changelog.c, syncui.c. Mostly to (void**) and

* Boolean_t was defined with an enum with true and
false as enum values. This collided with preexisting true
and false definitions. So, I ended up defining Boolean_t
as a Boolean

* Get a crash under OS 4 when SetText() attempts to
call FldDrawField (hField); when the form is not yet
visible (no open form called yet) This shold be avoided.
Would recommend only calling FldDrawField () after form
has been displayed and OpenForm called first.

* commented out:

#include "CharAttr.h"

In the file address_palm.c

As was not needed and don't know where this file is.

* definition of ProgressPtr returned an error here:

} ProgressStruct, *ProgressPtr;
static ProgressPtr pProgress = NULL;

Changed to:

} ProgressStruct; // SDS, *ProgressPtr;
static ProgressStruct* pProgress = NULL; // SDS

* had an error here:

#include <BuildRules.h>
//#include <Pilot.h>

// RESOURCE_FILE_PREFIX is now defined in
Pilot:Incs:BuildRules.h based on LANGUAGE.

char *AppResourceList[] = {

as could not fine BuildRules. I commented offending
code out:

//#include <BuildRules.h> SDS commented out
//#include <Pilot.h>

// RESOURCE_FILE_PREFIX is now defined in
Pilot:Incs:BuildRules.h based on LANGUAGE.

// SDS commented out
//char *AppResourceList[] = {
// ":Rsc:"RESOURCE_FILE_PREFIX"syncui.rsrc",
// ""
// };

Making these changes allowed me to compile and run
the code.

Scott Schmitz.


  • Kidong Lee
    Kidong Lee

    Logged In: YES

    Thanks for the your efforts.
    Peter, How about importing Palm demo application to CVS?

  • Peter Thompson
    Peter Thompson

    Logged In: YES

    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for doing this! Could you email me changed files? I
    will put it into the zip file, and then put it all into the
    CVS within the next week or so. Sorry for the delay - I
    moved to San Diego recently, and have been very busy.


  • Peter Thompson
    Peter Thompson

    • assigned_to: nobody --> pthompson509
    • status: open --> open-accepted
  • scott schmitz
    scott schmitz

    Logged In: YES

    No problem. It may be a few days before I can get a chance to
    dig up the project bit I'll send it on.

    Can you tell me - is there anyone at Palm working on SyncML?

    We are going to start a major project using SyncML and intend to
    use this source base for our Palm client and it would be
    comforting to know that someone at Palm has an interest in


  • Peter Thompson
    Peter Thompson

    Logged In: YES

    Hi Scott,

    Well, it is really hard to tell if the folks at Palm are
    doing anything with SyncML or not. When SyncML started up,
    they were one of the founders, but then they pulled back.
    These days they are only an Associate with OMA. I suspect
    that they only interest they have with SyncML is selling
    more stuff.

    Note that there are a couple of Palm clients already out
    there, you just have to look for them. :) Of course, you
    could also search the archive of the Yahoo list for people
    that have mentioned theirs.

    Good luck!

  • scott schmitz
    scott schmitz

    Logged In: YES

    Here's the changed files. Changes are marked with

    // SDS