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Playlist content case sensitive?

  • ako673de

    I just copied my music collection from my WinXP-Computer to an S60 phone and tried to use OGGPlay. The collection contains quite some .m3u files to organise the collection.

    What I noticed is that on the S60 device the names of some files show up in whole uppercase (especially those with less than 11 characters). These files no longer appear when opening my copied playlists. My impression is that OGGplay's playlist feature is case sensitive.

    Coming from an XP environment I of course didn't spend a lot of care to perfectly match the case of every letter between file name and playlist content. So even if there would be no name conversion I would not be sure that all playlist content really matches all file names regarding case. Is there a solution/workaround for this?

    • The Solution is:

      Fix your Playlist (recreate them or write a program (python, perl, etc.) which fixes this).

      Windows XP is (nearly) the only Operating System which ignores the case on filenames (and this is fuckin' annoying).

      Mostly every other OS obeys the case of filenames (thus in Linux (tm) for example "foo.mp3" is not the same as "foo.MP3"; and this is good so, because when I meant "fOO.mp3" I could have written "fOO.mp3")

      However, back to your case:

      Symbian OS seems to have a case sesitive filesystem as most other OS's.

      So if you write a program on Windows and call a system library "giveMeFile("foo.mp3") Windows returns "fOo.Mp3" if it exists. Symbian doesn't do this so the oggPlay developers could not help you.

      Fix your playlists and you are all set up.

      nomike aka Michael Postmann

      • ako673de

        It was not my intention to blame OggPlay for this problem, but considering that the majority of users would want to transfer their files from a Windows system to their cellphone, I thought OggPlay would be the best starting point for a workaround.

        Well, my original post is now more than 6 months old, so - as suggested - meanwhile I started writing some code to solve the problem under Windows.

        Unexpectedly this project became quite more complex than intended, because I found more and more issues with Symbian file system and OggPlay! Currently the tool can fix 6 types of incompatibilities and for a 7th one I still don't have a solution:

        If you have two files with same name but in different folders OggPlay cannot distinguish between them! But this topic just by the way...

        If you're interested in the tool or (maybe first) the full documentation (which is more than one DINA4 page long!), just send me a PM.