Background music in stellarium

  • aerozg

    I would like to have a background music option built into Stellarium, maybe
    using different sources like internet radio or a custom playlist from YouTube.
    I like to listen to what i call "cosmic" music when running Stellarium and
    looking through my telescope :)

    For example:



  • Timothy Reaves
    Timothy Reaves

    Strellarium is an astronomy application, not an MP3 player.

  • Viper OS Team
    Viper OS Team

    I'm kind of getting tired of your comments, please help the forums by saying
    something on-topic, it makes them better.

    Thank you.

    POSSIBLE SOLUTION: download the video on keepvid, get an mp3 player, and play
    it while running stellarium

    OTHER SOLUTION: create a dynamic plugin, or get the souce and use qsound:
    reference at:

    P.S. It would be great if it would work :3. Working on finding a way to embed
    live data and podcasts into stellarium.

  • barrykgerdes

    Actually Stellarium can already do this. I have the sound module compiled in
    my version and can run music in the background. The problem is that the sound
    driver has not been fully implemented and the avilable driver only works with
    some sound systems. There are some sample audio scripts in the script folder.


  • aerozg

    Stellarium is not an mp3 player but it should have one built in, because in my
    opinion a feature like this would only add to the whole user experience. If
    you design the GUI right, maybe just into a popup layer in the lower left
    corner where the other menus are, with some basic controls, you can keep focus
    on astronomy and the whole purpose of stellarium, without turning it into a
    jukebox. I will find some time to play with this and i hope i get back soon
    with my results.

    thanks for the heads up, i will look into it

  • barrykgerdes

    I just wrote a script that plays Chopin's Polonaise (MP3 version) in the
    background quite successfully on my version of Stellarium 0.11.2. As I said
    before Stellarium already has the facility to play MP3, OGG and WAV files.

    In any case Windows media player will play a background sound file (playlist)
    while you run Stellarium without any bother so if you must have "sound" while
    observing this method will save messing with Stellarium's core source.


  • Keatah

    I don't know.. I find the whole idea of Stellarium playing .mp3 files
    ridiculous. However. However. a much better result can be achieved by using
    iTunes or something comparable. Something that lets you switch from playlist
    to playlist quickly and smoothly.

    I've got tons of spacemusic from Jonn Serrie, for example, and just jam on
    that through iTunes.



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