#10 Heat Map Over Time


I would very much like the ability to look at the heat map over time. I have an SVN repository that goes back to the year 2002 and I'd like to be able to flip month by month (or week by week even) through time and see the heat map for each month. As it stands now I can only look at the latest month. If I want to see a previous month's heat map I have to edit my svn.log file and chop off history.


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    We have 2 options... statSVN could generate heat map month by months (many report pages)
    Or the JTreeMap applet could be improved to take a big file to 'scroll' (this would required changes to JTreemap project).

    Which one do you think is best?


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    I think it might be preferable to at first have a command line flag where you could choose to create many many pages showing the heat map month by month.

    The first approach has the virture of allowing a month by month view of the repository. There are other aspects of the repository I would like to get a month-by-month view of. For example: lines added, lines deleted, and etc. would be valuable for me on a month by month basis. You could have a command-line option for month-by-month reports (with a warning about large number of pages). Additional month-by-month breakdowns could be shown with the month-by-month heat maps.

    I have a repository that goes back to 2001 and holds nearly a half-million lines of code. Being able to see which modules attract the most "heat" helps me deal with the evolving system design. It would be nice to see an applet that worked with heat over time in a 3D manner... or in a fast-forward manner...

    Currently, I hand edit the SVN log and screen capture each JTree map. Then I make a slide show out of the heat maps showing an animated head-over-time report. The heat surrounding the "mail sub system" tells me that there may be architectural issues in the mail system... heat around the pivot report engine tells me that there may be architectural issues with that system.... and so on.

    If somebody could make it so that you could flip through each month easily, I could skip the "slide-show" stuff.