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#454 delete_move_next plugin w/buttons vs. menu

Tony Nelson

squirrelmail-1.4.8 from CentOS5.

Adds choice of buttons instead of popup menu and button for delete_move_next plugin, so a single click is all that is needed. Having the buttons in the same place each time allows for muscle memory and faster email handling by a user. If there are lots of mailboxes, the buttons wrap on multiple rows, which seems fine.

Also adds next / prev links around the delete & next and delete & prev links.


    • status: open --> pending
  • Are you trying to explain a custom patch made to SquirrelMail by CentOS? If so, please explain in more detail. Also include a patch if at all possible. Or even screenshots.

    SquirrelMail doesn't have a popup menu for the delete/next functionality, so I'm really not sure what you are referring to. The delete/next functionality is implemented as one-click links.

  • Sorry, I didn't see the patch before I made my comments.

    Please note that we do not support versions of our software that were forked by other vendors. All patches should be made against the code in our repository only.

    To be clear, it looks like this patch adds previous and next links next to the delete/prev and delete/next links and it replaces the move message select list and move button with a button for every mailbox that, upon clicking, moves the message to the corresponding mailbox (and then moves to the next? previous? message).

    We won't be adding a patch that clutters the interface with a possibly unlimited number of buttons, but the usability point is well-taken. Note that version 1.5 has some enhancements in that area.

    Thanks for the contribution.

    • status: pending --> closed