#126 wrong foldername in upper-right corner

Wouter Teepe

In the upper right of most screens, it reads "Current Folder:
The display of the current folder goes wrong at my site ("Wouter
Teepe.sbd/smime" shows up as "sbd/smime"). A little research revealed
that in page_header.php, the function readShortMailboxName is called
with "." as second parameter (delimiter). However, for (among others) UW
the delimiter is something else.

The bug is in the function displayPageHeader, which is called from a
*lot* of other pages, including plugins. Not in all of them, there is a
connection to the imap server, and in some of which there is a
connection to the imap server, it is not yet there at the moment of
calling displayPageHeader. This is just for pages really showing a
mailbox name (there are also a lot of pages showing "None").

It would require quite some recoding to change all pages to have an imap
connection at the time of calling displayPageHeader (without secont
parameter set to "None"), and I think it wouldn't be so efficient to let
pages not yet *needing* a connection to the imap server making one.

So, I think storing the delimiter in the cookie solves the problem
easyly and efficiently. Having the delimiter present in the cookie,
makes some calls to sqimap_get_delimiter at 10 other places in the
source unneeded, but I haven't bothered changing them as well in my
patch (thoug it wouldn't be any difficult, of course)

My fix requires some changes to src/redirect.php, src/signout.php and
the diff is attached as showname.patch


  • Wouter Teepe
    Wouter Teepe

    fix for the bug

  • Wouter Teepe
    Wouter Teepe

    • status: open --> closed-fixed