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#119 NewMail Plugin triggered before Filter Plugin

Gregor K.


I used squirrel mail 1.5.1 and when I filtered some
messages out of the inbox by using Message Filters I
did not get any NewMail notification popup. Which is
the way I expect it.

Now I upgraded to the latest 1.5.2 CVS snapshot
20060405, and since then I get a new mail notification
even if the message was/will be filtered. When the
CheckMail request is performed the new message count of
the inbox is incremented and the popup comes, but once
I click on the inbox the messages are filtered away.
That should already happen during the CheckMail like it
was before.

I tried different NewMail options like INBOX, Special
folders or Follow folder preference (with Enable Unread
Message Notification: Only Inbox) and I still get
notifications for filtered messages.

I also tried changing the order of the plugins in the
config file. Still same problem...


  • Gregor K.
    Gregor K.

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    I did some investigation and I think the problem came from
    the change in newmail/functions.php between 1.9 to 1.10

    A new global var $totalNewArr was introduced instead of
    contacting the server. This might improve performance but
    will generate problems with the filter plugin.

    I dont have very deep knowleadge of squirrelmail and such
    maybe someone knows a nice way to fix this. Maybe by not
    counting filtered new mails or reducing the new mail counter
    if a new mail was filterd... not sure though... if I would I
    would try to post a fix...

  • Gregor K.
    Gregor K.

    Logged In: YES

    I hope I can be so free to assign this stekkel, since he
    integrated the changes from a patch from Michael Long.
    Otherwise please excuse me for my actions.

  • Gregor K.
    Gregor K.

    • assigned_to: nobody --> stekkel