ML-1610 internal error

  • onlyus

    OS: openSUSE 11.1 32-bit
    CUPS: 1.3.9
    SPLIX: 2.0.0
    PRINTER: Samsung ML-1610 (attached to old USB 1.1 port)

    INTERNAL ERROR - Incomplete Sessione by time out

    POSITION : 0x17ea00d (25075725) <--- it varies everytime
    SYSTEM   : H6FWSIM/os_hook
    LINE     : 1314
    VERSION  : QPDL 1.26 04-14-2005

    This error is happening with long documents, this time a 300-pages pdf.
    It is printed in the middle of the job in stead of the pages required and then the printer stops.

    If I print, say, max 10 pages per job, it works properly.
    But if I want to print them all at once, it will fail at random intervals with this very same error (apart from the POSITION field).

    I also tried the drivers for ML-1510, ML-1520 and ML-1630, but the errors are the same.

    If there are any other informations I can/must give, please ask me.
    Thanks in advance for any hints.