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spOscar 1.0

New version of spOscar! I've completely rewritten it from scratch. Some of the features of old spOscar (mainly rate queueing) are unavailable at the moment, while others are properly developed now (Unicode). It is *far* more stable and better developed than any previous version. The API, however, is quite different. The change is worth it though.

Posted by Neil 2006-01-04

Still alive!

I'm working on spOscar again after a long hiatus. 0.50 will be released soon. It's not going to be as far along as planned, but there are a lot of changes. The entire library uses std::strings for regular ascii strings now, and the SSI code is entirely high level now.

Posted by Neil 2004-10-30

spOscar 0.4 Released

spOscar 0.4 has been released. spOscar is a library written in C++
that is designed to give a simple, high-level API for communicating
over the AOL OSCAR protocol. With the release of 0.40, spOscar has
support for nearly all of the core protocol and will soon support
some of the more advanced features. spOscar's primary goal is to
fully support the whole protocol; as parts are implemented, they are
implemented completely without leaving out portions or being "lazy".
The library works natively in both linux and win32, and a lot of
effort has gone into documenting every part of the library.... read more

Posted by Neil 2004-03-07

Released on SF

spBot is now here on SourceForge!

Posted by Neil 2003-11-16