#16 32-bit UEFI booting from LiveCD and LiveUSB


While the issue is sorted out for the 64-bit UEFI, the 32-bit UEFI support is still as non-existent as ever. ;)

The LiveCDs/DVDs for x86 should be updates for UEFI support.


  • The first test ISO with 32-bit EFI booting for LiveCDs/DVDs and LiveUSB has been released. It works on VirtualBox and ASUS Transformer T100TA.

    The ISO is available for download here.

    • status: open --> pending
  • Installation still needs more work. The ISO image doesn't have the necessary packages pool for building the GRUB EFI image. Another thing is that the installer only handles the EFI64 (bootx64.efi) setup and doesn't care about EFI32 (bootia32.efi).

    Last edit: Peter "MoroS" Mrożek 2014-08-02
    • Milestone: DEV --> 3.5
    • Milestone: 3.5 --> 3.6
  • Moving to 3.6

    • status: pending --> realization