SpamAssassin 2.61 Released

SpamAssassin is a mail filter which uses advanced statistical
and heuristic tests to identify spam (also known as unsolicited
commercial/bulk email).


Pick it up from:

6521ad3e6ed5a2eba35476c43c1697b7 Mail-SpamAssassin-2.61.tar.gz
25a87ca67c1550360e1378c816301b53 Mail-SpamAssassin-2.61.tar.bz2

da8f10c1c7eb91f2fced05366f4d792bcb6255ec Mail-SpamAssassin-2.61.tar.gz
bf161bc92f33bdad298daefc279e2b85efa34f7d Mail-SpamAssassin-2.61.tar.bz2

Or on CPAN shortly, once the mirrors update.

The release files also have a .asc accompanying them. The file serves
as an external GPG signature for the given release file. The signing
key is available via the keyserver, as well as

The key information is:

pub 1024D/265FA05B 2003-06-09 SpamAssassin Signing Key <>
Key fingerprint =3D 26C9 00A4 6DD4 0CD5 AD24 F6D7 DEE0 1987 265F A05B

Summary of major changes since 2.60

- Dramatically reduced memory usage of Bayes expiry.

- avoid false positives on Outlook 2003 messages, mails from Mac, Palm, and
localized versions of Eudora, several AOL MUAs, and newer versions of The

- new set of French translations from Michel Bouissou

- updated to reflect new Dynablock DNSBL location

- avoids a possible hole that was giving AWL bonuses to
spammer forgeries on some networks

- miscellaneous bug fixes

Posted by Justin Mason 2003-12-09