#14 j2me client on s40 3rd needs capture://image


Hi, using a nokia 6131 (S40 3rd) I had to modify capture://video to capture://image in the j2me client to make it work. For what I found in forums is a nokia fault (the cellphone say "getSnapshot() only can be use with capture://image" or something along that line).

Changing that, it works quite well, except for the fact that each time a photo is taken it makes the typical camera sound ("click"), which turns to be annoying.

Thanks for the project and excuse my English.


  • Could you post your patched jar somewhere? Rebuilding this thing is quite hard for those who are not familiar with mobile java.

  • German

    Sure, I'll attach it here
    File Added: jSmartCam-parcheado.jar

  • German

    jSmartcam patched for S40 3rd

  • I can install jSmartCam.jar on my Nokia 8800, but when I try to install jSmartCam-parcheado.jar comes the error message "invalid application". What could be the difference between the two?

  • Frankly, I have no idea. You can modify the original using an hex editor.
    Just unzip the jar (it's a zip file), to go ro/jsmartcam/ui and open CameraCanvas.class with an hex editor (I use ghex in linux), look for capture://video and change it for capture://image and re-zip all the files. It "should" work.

  • Thanks, that worked! But the application throws a nullpointer error and the second time I tried a BlootoothConnectionException, though the host tells me it's connected. Well I don't know if it should work on my phone anyway.

  • Thanks very much! Works fine in Nokia 5310 XpressMusic. I can't turn off the camera sound either.

  • pls help buddy
    i have installed pc application and mobile application (nokia 3120 classic)
    whenever i connect the mobile screen shows pls run the pc application while the pc application is running....
    pls help
    i m using bluetooth connection

  • I use a nokia 5310 express music .I installed the jar file onto my cell.But even after the PC connection is running the cell phone application displays the following error message.."could not connect.Please make sure the PC application is running"....would really appreciate if someone could suggest a solution to this problem..Thanks