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#8 Ubuntu - Gtk 3dTiles?

J. Ali Harlow

When I try to set the tiles to 3d in the GTK version os Ubuntu, I get
something like

Error loading $(TILEDIR)/x11big3dtiles: Image has zero width
Warning: Switching back to character mode.

Could you help me?


  • J. Ali Harlow
    J. Ali Harlow

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    I don't have access to that OS, so I may not be able to
    help, but there are some tests you can do that might throw
    some light on the problem:

    - Do the small and/or big tiles work okay?
    - Are you using gtkhack (do you get a dialog when you start
    the game asking you which server to connect to)?
    - If you are using gtkhack, is the server you're using local
    to your machine or a remote server?
    - If local, does the x11big3dtiles file exist? How big is it?
    - If remote, can other people use pseudo-3d tiles with that
    server? If not, have you asked the server admins to check
    the file?

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    I don't use gthack and small or big tiles don't work too.

  • J. Ali Harlow
    J. Ali Harlow

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    Okay (I'm assuming that small and big tiles produce the same
    error message).

    Can you find the x11big3dtiles file? I know that Ubuntu is
    based on debian so there must be a means of listing the
    files contained in the slashem-core and slashem-gtk
    packages, but I don't know what it is. Failing that "locate
    x11big3dtiles" might suffice.

    If you can find it, then try "ls -l x11big3dtiles" to see
    how big it is, "file x11big3dtiles" to see what format magic
    thinks it's in and an image viewer such as gimp or kview to
    see if they can display.

    The "Image has zero width" error message is from the
    Ms-Windows bitmap loader. This would suggest that the Ubuntu
    package you're using is (a) using Ms-Windows bitmap format
    for tiles and (b) is producing tile files which contain no
    tiles thus leading to images of 0 by 0 pixels. While
    possible, this does seem a little surprising.

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    It's 4,1 MB big, Ubuntu thinks, it's an Truevision-Targa-Picture and The GIMP
    can't open it

  • J. Ali Harlow
    J. Ali Harlow

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    Sounds like there's a problem with the tile file then. Both
    gimp and SlashEM's gtk interface use gdk-pixbuf to load
    images. This supports tga files, but probably not all
    possible sub-formats. It sounds like the file is either
    corrupted (odd that it would affect all the tile files) or
    that it's using a tga sub-format that gdk-pixbuf doesn't
    support. In either case, I think you need to log this with
    the Ubuntu guys.

  • J. Ali Harlow
    J. Ali Harlow

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