New Scilab Image Processing Toolbox - devel released

In this release, there are new functions to convert RGB to/from HSV images and colormaps. The Radon transform is now available. We also fixed C functions with respect of truecolor images, by using Scilab's new hypermatrix structure. Therefore this version now works with Scilab 3.0. There are many other changes, making this a strong candidate for the next SIP stable version. Download the new version at

SIP reads/writes images in formats like JPEG, PNG, and BMP. It does filtering, edge detection, morphology, and shape analysis. Homepage:

Compilation and installation is suited for Linux, but should
workcorrectly in other unix systems. I use Slackware Linux 9.1.
Please report to the list any problems that you see with SIP in other distros.

You shall install the new SIP version over the older ones
without problems, but if you want, you can remove the old version
like this: in the unix shell, change dir to the old SIP-dev then type
the following:

prompt# make uninstall

Also please comment out any "exec ...loader.sce" instructions from your ".scilab" startup file before installing a new version.


Posted by Ricardo Fabbri 2004-07-10