• Hi,
    It is possible to translat your soft to english or french!?

    • It is possible to translate Sinhala Desktop to any Unicode support language. But,

      1.    Why we translate this software to English ?, Microsofts new OS, windows longhorn have most of these features ( I think !!!!)
      2.    In future versions we try to add more languages (mostly to Asian languages) to this software.
      3.    Converting this software to French language is bit complicated. Because our development team may not familiar with the French language.

      • man who cares if M$ hase these things in english I mean you want to replace them Is ist murder if all windows uresr can use your software to replace explorer ???
        I mean the thing loks just simple and crazzy enough to catch on. :D
        Trust me I hate explorer but i like the enviroment just for the simple fact that I can play all most any game out there an runn about any tipe of app(thats why linux sux :(( )