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sfFreeFrame / News: Recent posts

sfFreeFrame OSX 0.5.1 released

An update for sfFreeFrame for OSX introduces new features and bug fixes. See the project README for details.

Posted by marc wren 2011-03-18

Version 0.5 for Windows ready

I've just uploaded the 0.5 release of sfFreeFrame for Windows. This includes Visual Studio projects for compiling the project from source if you are so inclined.

Enjoy Windows lovers!

Posted by marc wren 2011-01-08

Version 0.5 for OSX ready

I've just uploaded version 0.5 of sfFreeFrame for Mac OSX! I will be working to get Windows versions ready by the end of the week as well as setting up xcode and visual studio projects for developers. This version of sfFreeFrame includes 4 plugins and you should consider it in a beta state.

Posted by marc wren 2010-12-30

Command line builds for Mac

I've just updated the project to use a make build system as opposed to xcode project files. I'm hoping this way it will be easier for me to develop and build on both Windows and OSX. You can checkout the sfLoop project and run make from the build directory. sfofffLoop still uses xcode but will probably be removed soon.

Posted by marc wren 2010-07-13

Hello World

I've finally got FreeFrame compiling on MinGW. I'm going to add my Eclipse setup to that project and then get crackin on some FreeFrame source plugins. I'm guessing nobody cares :D

Posted by marc wren 2009-06-11