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#1 Use light sensor

Next Release

Add an option to use light sensor to lock/unlock phone.


  • Add option to disable gestures when light sensor detects darkness

    • assigned_to: nobody --> surfsmurf
    • assigned_to: surfsmurf --> nobody
    • status: open --> open-later
  • Add option to lock phone when light sensor detects darkness:

    When answer a call the phone is changing to un-lock, then you put it against you face and you end the conversation with 10 different open apps that your face muscle pressed against.
    In case of need to use the phone notes or using the phone during a call, you can pull the stylus.
    Currently I have to remember to press the power button to relock my phone before I actually can speak.
    The light sensor lock function exists in the GPRS diamond (as I heard), but it not working with the CDMA phones.

  • Add option to suspend when darkness is detected