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How to use SEB on Student s PCs

  • Aloras

    Hi Guys
    Our plan is to use the Students Laptops for E exams.
    But how can we prevent  cheating and manipulating SEB.
    The Main Problem is the Students have their PCS 99 % of the time and we have only a limited amount of time to check for manipulation. ,  so we have to create some sort of check procedure
    got anyone experiences with this Problem?

    ps I Tried some sorts of Manipulation one very  easy one is the manipulation of the MsgHook.dll I downloaded the source  and set some defaults in the read inifile methode this DLL File than replaced the original one.

  • JDerriks


    We let students use their own laptop and this year we are trying to add the SEB browser as extra security.
    The precondition is that they are in a room with surveillance; using SEB at home is useless :-)

    The best solution with private laptops is to boot the laptop into a live-secure-SEB-environment  from  USB or CD. We are investigating that option. It leaves the student's laptop completely "unmodified". The live environment can be tweaked to block anything but Moodle. A student ran SEB in WINE so a linux live environment is possible.

    For now, we let student install a modified SEB browser with pre-configed ini file but just as you found out it's easy to manipulate. First thing to change is the USER AGENT string because switching the user agent to "SEB" in a firefox add-on is way too easy. Running SEB in a VM is not detected as well.

  • techlms

    Hi Jand62,
    I am trying to do something similar. Could you please share your experiences.