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Savant *NOT* Vulnerable to Code Red or Nimda

To re-iterate the results of discussions on the Savant-discuss mailing list, Savant is not in any way vulnerable to the Code Red or Nimda viruses. Attempted probings from these viruses will appear in your logs, but they can be safely ignored.

Posted by Michael Lamont 2001-10-23

New Savant Logos Available

ChrsDlby has kindly made some of his Savant logos available - check them out on the logos page at

Posted by Michael Lamont 2001-04-02

Savant 3.0 Released

Version 3.0 of the Savant web server has been released. This version fixes a lot of annoyances that earlier versions had, and adds support for ISAPI and WinCGI. It's available for download from

Posted by Michael Lamont 2001-02-24

Netcraft Results For Jan 2001

According to Netcraft (, there are now at least 190 consistently running web servers using Savant. This puts it ahead of Alibaba, Avenida, GoAhead, Jigsaw, ServerTec, ZBserver, and others. It should be interesting to see how this changes after the release of 3.0 and Savant's move to the open source model.

Posted by Michael Lamont 2001-02-07

Savant mailing list moved

The main Savant mailing list (190 members) has been moved from eGroups to SourceForge. If anyone has any problems, feel free to contact a Savant developer for help.

Posted by Michael Lamont 2001-02-01