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GCT radio

Today I received some positive feedback for GCT radio!
It seems that basically works.. For now it's still in CVS...

Posted by Andrea Merello 2005-02-08

MAXIM radio

Since V 0.18 we have experimental but working support for maxim radio!

Posted by Andrea Merello 2005-01-30

V 0.17 archive restored

Seems that SF's folks has fixed the issue with the FSR. Thanks!!!
now the 0.17 archive should be OK

Posted by Andrea Merello 2005-01-18

V 0.17 archive broken

SF has problem with the file upload server. As result the file rtl8180-0.17 is broken and I'm unable to upload it again for now. I'm sure they are doing them best to solve this. Please be patient and use V 0.16 or CVS in the meantime. Thanks

Posted by Andrea Merello 2005-01-17