#193 3rd Party Architecture Needed by RSS Bandit

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Windows Vista will support genuine work-flow. There
is pent-up demand for extensibility in several
vertical markets I've worked within. The constituents
know what they want to achieve but they don't know
how to get there.

I can tell some war stories of certain vertical
markets which the National Institute of Science and
Technology (NIST) has determined are losing in
aggregate $15 billion annually -- all for the most
part due to a subversive and corrupt software vendor
that controls various vertical markets. No, I am not
referring to Microsoft.

As it turns out, for those of us with "the vision
thing" we know and understand RSS and the support for
enclosures continues to pervade the conciousness of
those vertical markets as they grow increasingly
desparate for a way out of their dilemma. In certain
sectors, RSS is primed to bring significant
disruptive change to vertical markets.

So why should RSS Bandit remain behind that curve?
Imagine what RSS Bandit could accomplish if it were
able to integrate with Windows SharePoint Services?
Extended by 3rd parties to support vertical markets?
Is it or is it not an architectural paradigm?

Start thinking about extensibility beyond the pithy
context of the context menu and tracking comments
please. Note I appreciate all of the comments others
have made of course and the context menu is for
eaxmpe a worthwhile pursuit but someone has to start
thinking big and I hope I can encourage you to start
laying that groundwork now Dare.