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#1140 Differrence in MyFeeds unread to "Unread Items" folder count


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It is to repro also without that secific settings mentioned below:

"I have the "Initiate download feeds on startup" option selected and the Update feeds every" field set to 1440 minutes (24 hours). Effectively feeds are updated once per session, at RSS Bandit startup. Once updating is complete, the number of items in the Unread Items folder is always less than the number of unread items shown next to My Feeds. The difference varies but can be as high as 200 for 1000 real unread items. After all of the items in the Unread Items folder have been "read", categories and individual feeds in My Feeds still indicate unread items. I call these "phantom" items because if one of these categories or individual feeds is selected, the non-zero unread item count will disappear as soon as the Feed Details window finishes updating, which can take some time if there's lots of items.

This bug existed in and prior versions, and is so visible and obvious, one has to wonder why it's never been fixed. However, since I typically only use the Unread Items and Search Folders (As I previously posted, search appears to be broken in ), I've reconciled myself to living with it.

Unfortunately, appears to have added a new twist: "lost" unread items, unread items that do appear in My Feeds but never show up in the Unread Items folder. Version still has phanton unread items too."


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    At least two places are fixed: mark read on a category selected (don't consider Unread Items folder counter) and restore selected Node on startup don't refresh Unread Items node counter)