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rootutils / News: Recent posts

jail-update 0.2.0 released

It's been a long time since the first release candidate for jail-update has been published. During the last few weeks, I tested the fifth release candidate in a production environment. Since I didn't get any negative feedback so far (and didn't find any further bugs), the final 0.2 release has been published today.

Posted by Jesco Freund 2010-03-13

cdeploy 0.1.1 released

cdeploy is a useful little CLI tool to automatically deploy (configuration) files from one directory (e. g. a VCS repository) to any other location (e. g. the root file system).

The current version fixes a minor problem (missing output for DB file creation simulation), which only occured on FreeBSD in simulation mode (when not evoked with the -D option).

Posted by Jesco Freund 2009-10-04

jail-update 0.1.1 released

A new version of jail-update has been released. This is a maintenance release to adapt jail-update to the recently released portmaster-2.8 version.

Since earlier versions of jail-update use portmaster arguments which are deprecated by now, we strongly recommend updating to this latest version of jail-update.

Posted by Jesco Freund 2009-08-01

jail-update 0.1.0 released

A first version of jail-update has been released today. jail-update is a simple maintenance tool for FreeBSD jails supporting vulnerability scans and ports upgrades among all running jails on a FreeBSD installation.

Posted by Jesco Freund 2009-05-15

wiretap-0.1.0 released

The first version of wiretap has been released. Wiretap is a simple TCP listening daemon similar to netcat, dumping all incoming traffic to a file. Other than netcat, it is capable of handling multiple concurrent connections.

Posted by Jesco Freund 2009-03-02