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roccat-tools-3.8.0 released

The big news among smaller fixes is support for Kova 2016 and the professionals of you get SROM update functionality for most Kones, Savu and Tyon Devices.

Posted by Stefan Achatz 2016-01-30

revtools-0.0.9 released

Added code to aid in reassembling a firmware disassembly. Some information is written down here.

Posted by Stefan Achatz 2015-10-21

roccat-tools-3.7.1 released

Bugfix release.

Posted by Stefan Achatz 2015-10-08

revtools-0.0.8 released

I added a Python script to measure input lag of USB-devices using a Raspberry Pi 2 B.
More info can be found at

Posted by Stefan Achatz 2015-10-05

roccat-tools-3.7.0 released

The biggest changes aside from bugfixes:

All devices now support resorting of profiles via drag'n'drop of notebook tabs. The gui buttons have changed a bit thereby.

Driver state correction is now available for all supporting devices and is configurable in the eventhandler with unmodifying default. The correction is probable cause of sleep/resume issues.

Nyth now supports variable profile numbers.

Nyth now supports rmp im-/export, presumably the most stupid file format ever. I'm doing this as good as I could, just don't use timers.

Posted by Stefan Achatz 2015-09-13


Biggest addition is near-complete support for Nyth. Missing atm: rmp im-/export, button set editor, firmware updater and variable profile number.
Also brings firmware updater for RyosTKL but removes it for Tyon.

Posted by Stefan Achatz 2015-08-13


Software shortcuts are now kept alive as long the button is pressed and small fixes.

Posted by Stefan Achatz 2015-06-26


Among smaller things:
The uinput event handling for software execution devices changed (Arvo, Kone, Kova[+] and Pyra). Events are not fed into the devices evdevs where apropriate, but into a single uinput devices. Positive effects are not to be expected, but it's a test run which leads to future uhid support that might solve raw input issues.
Also KoneXTD and KonePure range devices got support for custom colors.

Posted by Stefan Achatz 2015-05-23


Main addition is i18n support with German translation.
Also the Ryos range configuration GUI's support keyboard layouts (to be set in edit/preferences).
The Ryos ripple scripting engine now supports Lua 5.2, the meaning of the WITH_LUA configuration options has changed from a boolean to the exact version you want to link against.
New supported device: KonePureBlack which seems to be a a rare KonePureMilitary variant sold in bulk packaging. Not even I have seen one.

Posted by Stefan Achatz 2015-04-19

roccat-tools-3.2.0 and roccat-talkfx-0.3.0

This update is mainly about light effects.

Talkfx has been updated to work with both Ryos MK/TKL PRO variants and things have been cleaned up, so the API changed.

Additionally there's the new Gaminggearfx. A plug-in based light effect system that's inspired by Dell's AlienFX and is part of gaminggear-0.7.0. At the moment it's a very naive/rudimentary implementation to be improved with volunteer help.... read more

Posted by Stefan Achatz 2015-03-11


Added long awaited support for Ryos TKL Pro and some minor fixes.

Posted by Stefan Achatz 2015-02-24


That's a bigger change mainly to ease the pain making packages for restrictive distributions (looking at debian). All normal libraries have been moved from a subfolder in the base library directory. Eventhandler plugins can be moved where you want them with the EVENTHANDLER_PLUGIN_DIR configuration option. Every library and executable got a roccat prefix. So konextdconfig is now roccatkonextdconfig and so on. This was needed to prohibit ambiguity between for example Lua the mouse and Lua the programming language. Speeking of Lua: I threw away Python as the scripting engine for RyosMKPro ripple effects. Lua is the better replacement and has to be explicitly compiled with the WITH_LUA configuration option and activated with a eventhandler configuration option.
All this lays the groundwork for RyosTKLPro development which I'm finally starting now.... read more

Posted by Stefan Achatz 2015-02-08


This is the Tyon finalizing release. Along with firmware 1.29 Talk works as expected and macros are fully working up to 480 actions. Along with minor fixes done this device is fully supported now.

Posted by Stefan Achatz 2015-01-25


This one has a longer list of fixes and smaller additions.

The most important thing to note is Tyon support:
Macros seem to work now, although I don't know if the next firmware breaks the implementation again or if RMP import works now. I'll have a more thorough look with the next firmware. At the moment Tyon supports macros up to only 236 keystrokes. I don't know if this increases again or not.
Also Talk did and does not work, that's a firmware problem not mine.... read more

Posted by Stefan Achatz 2015-01-10

Firmware images for Linux users

I uploaded the newest device firmware images for use with my roccat-tools firmware updaters.

The newer official Windows driver packages can't be extracted with Linux tools, so for your convenience and for all the Linux users that have no Windows installation to do this themselves: Serve yourself.

But please keep in mind that neither the firmware images nor my software comes with any warranty!

Posted by Stefan Achatz 2014-12-01


Finished the EM78M680 processor module with some more features. Needs a yet unreleased IDA version to fully work though.

Posted by Stefan Achatz 2014-11-03


I added a IDA processor module for Elan EM78M680 along with a loader for *.aop files which is used in the Arvo.

Posted by Stefan Achatz 2014-10-26

kmod-roccat-1.0.0 and roccat-tools-2.2.0 released

All devices that can be controlled in userspace have been transferred to userspace only implementation. That means kernel modules are and will be needed for only one single device: The first Kone. kmod-roccat brings nothing new, it's just stripped down to these still needed modules.

Tyon support, some smaller improvements and fixes are the things to mention about roccat-tools.

Posted by Stefan Achatz 2014-09-13

roccat-tools-2.0.0 released

Added support for Kone XTD Optical.
Fixed things for various devices.
All devices except Kone and Arvo are now completely handled by userspace code. No more kernel module problems for these devices.
All userspace handled devices now have graphical firmware updaters. Firmware update from text console is still supported and is merged in *control applications.

If someone wants to port this project to BSD or these things from Cupertino, now is the time. I cleaned up both libgaminggear and roccat-tools to restict Linux dependencies to single files, and prepared the build system to be ready for multi OS code. If someone wants to do this and has questions, I'm here to help.

Posted by Stefan Achatz 2014-06-07

roccat-tools-1.6.0 released

Bigger changes this time:

  • Added support for Kone Pure Military. This is a userspace-only implementation so no kernel module is needed.

  • Ryos is now pure userspace too. No kernel module is needed anymore. I might transfer other devices too as time permits. I also use faster access timings which speeds up startup of configuration gui and execution of ripple effect.

  • Ryos now supports Python scripted ripple effects. There is a configuration option to decide at compile time if you additionally want Python support or not (described in INSTALL), and if yes, you have options for configuring the eventhandler. The modules normally reside in /usr/share/roccat/ryos_ripple_modules.

Posted by Stefan Achatz 2014-05-18

roccat-tools-1.5.1 released

Minor bugfixes, that's all.

Posted by Stefan Achatz 2014-05-04

roccat-tools-1.5.0 released

Among some smaller fixes and a requested feature the most notably change is the transition to libgaminggear. libgaminggear at the moment only contains an improved version of the macro editor but will get more generalized features in the future for use in other projects.

For users of previous roccat-tools versions:
Just move your ~/.config/roccat/roccat_macros.ini to ~/.config/gaminggear/gaminggear_macros.ini so you can use your existing macro library with the new editor.

Posted by Stefan Achatz 2014-04-13

libgaminggear-0.1.0 released

This is a cross-news-post telling anyone that libgaminggear-0.1.0 has been released.

At the moment it contains not much more than an improved version of the roccat-tools macro editor. But it will be a dependency of the next roccat-tools release.
New features of the macro editor in relation to the actual roccat-tools implementation:

  • Added import of SteelSeriesEngine3 macros
  • More mouse buttons supported
  • Added direct mouse button recording
  • Support for fixed length recording delays
  • Added autoscroll while recording for editor views
  • Added "Open", "Save" and "Save as" menu options
  • Various fixes and improvements
Posted by Stefan Achatz 2014-04-13


I added some IDA loaders for HCS08 and CortexM3 based devices and increased ppatch working speed.

Posted by Stefan Achatz 2014-03-29

Splitting up project roccat

I think this project has some functionality that other gaming device projects might utilize. So I'm going to move some code from package roccat-tools to a new project called libgaminggear. Among smaller utility functions that would be mainly the macro editor.

The whole thing is planned as a manufacturer independent solution where one can import and export macros from/to different manufacturers Windows formats. Also the macro stock of a user can be directly used on all manufacturers devices whose Linux driver utilizes libgaminggear.... read more

Posted by Stefan Achatz 2014-03-16