Speedy ripping

  • Greg Webster
    Greg Webster

    Just a quick question...I'm a 99% Linux user, but for ripping audio tracks into mp3s, using Audio Catalyst under Windows is about 20 times quicker. Why is this? It seems to take as long to rip a cd as it does to play it with all the Linux software, but Audio Catalyst will do the whole CD in a matter of minutes.


    • Jos Dehaes
      Jos Dehaes

      you should use a faster encoder, like gogo, search for it at freshmeat.net

      I rip a CD in about 8 minutes...


      • Josh

        What is your setup?  It take about a minute and a half just to rip a song for me.  I have not been able to get encoding ripping again since I have a new system.  Below I will state my config

        amd 1333
        512 meg memory
        60 gig ata 100 drive
        48x dvd-rom
        nvidia geforce 2
        smc 10/100 card
        redhat 7.1  kernel 2.4.6 for now
        am upgrading to 2.4.14 / 2.4.15 soon

        below is the output of my /proc/ide/via file

        ----------VIA BusMastering IDE Configuration----------------
        Driver Version:                     3.20
        South Bridge:                       VIA vt82c686b
        Revision:                           ISA 0x40 IDE 0x6
        BM-DMA base:                        0xc400
        PCI clock:                          33MHz
        Master Read  Cycle IRDY:            0ws
        Master Write Cycle IRDY:            0ws
        BM IDE Status Register Read Retry:  yes
        Max DRDY Pulse Width:               No limit
        -----------------------Primary IDE-------Secondary IDE------
        Read DMA FIFO flush:          yes                 yes
        End Sector FIFO flush:         no                  no
        Prefetch Buffer:               no                  no
        Post Write Buffer:             no                 yes
        Enabled:                      yes                 yes
        Simplex only:                  no                  no
        Cable Type:                   80w                 40w
        Transfer Mode:       UDMA       PIO      UDMA       PIO
        Address Setup:       30ns     120ns      30ns     120ns
        Cmd Active:          90ns      90ns      90ns      90ns
        Cmd Recovery:        30ns      30ns      30ns      30ns
        Data Active:         90ns     330ns      90ns     330ns
        Data Recovery:       30ns     270ns      30ns     270ns
        Cycle Time:          20ns      90ns      60ns      90ns
        Transfer Rate:  100.0MB/s  22.2MB/s  33.3MB/s  22.2MB/s

        I also start the have the following in my /etc/rc.local file

        /sbin/hdparm -X69 -d1 -u1 -m16 -c3 /dev/hda
        /sbin/hdparm -d1 /dev/hdc

        I can't wait to get ripperX working again I encoded about 250 cd's with ripperX 2.0 and gogo 231. on my old amd 500.  It used to take about 35 minutes on that system.  Any pointers would be great. 

        Sorry about the huge post


    • Jos Dehaes
      Jos Dehaes

      Ah, you use IDE cdrom and disks... I noticed that they are a lot slower when using the same software at work (ripperX 2.2 and gogo 2.39).

      I use a SCSI Ultraplex 40 for the ripping, that is way faster than the 40x IDE cdrom at work...

      the disk is a U2W SCSI disk, but I don't think that's a factor...

      lame with all optimizations on also is a *lot* slower than gogo...

      I use an Athlon 500, for me the encoding is the bottleneck, but I suspect for you the ripping is the bottleneck... do you see the encoding stop and wait for the ripping to finish?

      when I say I rip a CD in 8 minutes, I mean only RIP. Ripping and encoding takes typically around 12-14 minutes (on my slow athlon 500)

      • Josh

        I am in the process of ugrading one of my scsi systems.  It has a u160 adaptec controller, 36x/12x cdwriter and 26 gig hard drive.  I will install ripperX on that to see if it is faster.  One thing with gogo is that is core dumps when ever I run it.  I have compiled all three versions all dump.  Must be the compiler I guess or nasm.

    • Josh

      Well I reloaded my system with redhat 7.2 and compiled kernel 2.4.14.  I now am able to compile gogo and it works.  And now the bottle neck it the cd-rom.  It takes about 80 seconds to rip a track and about 60 seconds to encode a track with VBR and high quality.  I am pretty happy with with ripperX now.  Has someone created an icon for this project?

    • Jos Dehaes
      Jos Dehaes

      there should be one, check prefix/share/pixmaps/ripperX-icon.xpm

      if you use /usr as prefix, there should be a menu entry in your gnome panel menu (if you use that)