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#27 fade or increase volume in one easy graphical control

Davy Durham

I have never seen a "fade-in" or graphical "fade out"
which allows you to draw a line over the area you want
to adjust and then be able to "increase" the volume
or "decrease" it, and yet it is so logical !
Quite often I want to graphically fade a click out of a
section, and then graphically increase the "breath" noise
of a sylible, or the very start of a word that I have
accidentally mumbled. Perhaps doing the both at the
same time, by drawing a line low over the unwanted bit,
and higher over the bit I want to increase. Maybe the
line could work as follows: everything less than 50% of
the height of the wave-window decreases volume, and
everything more than 50% of the height of the window
increases it. (proportionatly, according to just how high
or low you drew the fade/amplify line.
Maybe the volume line could be a permanent part of the
song, being adjusted at will without permanently altering
the original file !

If you really want a high-tech addition, how about
graphically applying effects/eq the same way, selecting
the effect and then applying how much by using a line
superimposed over the area you want it, the higher or
lower the line the more or less of the effect. -Quite often
you want your effects to come in gradually, not with
a "bang", and it is a pain to try to select little pieces at a
time of the song and add progressively more effects to it.

All the best - hope these ideas are useful.


  • Davy Durham
    Davy Durham

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    Hi there,
    Well, at least for the amplitude changes you can more or
    less do this already with the "Effects->Curved Gain" action.
    It draws the waveform as the background to a control that
    lets you draw a curve to adjust the volume. It becomes
    permenant (yet you can still 'undo') instead of being easily
    adjustable later. But that sort of control falls more in
    the realm of 'multitrack editing' which is something I have
    plans for later as a separate interface in ReZound, but a
    project called audacity already allows you to
    non-destructively apply an envelope as you suggest and it
    can be chagned after the fact.

    As for letting ALL the (applicable) actions have this sort
    of control: that is much easier said that done. It's
    something that kind of has to be planned from the beginning.
    But, fortunately, I more or less have done that, and many
    actions in the future multitrack editing interface will have
    that functionality.

    So, it's just a matter of time, Lord willing, before you may
    look and find your suggestion fully implemented. But check
    out 'Effects->Curved Gain' and see if that won't do you for now.

    -- Davy

  • Davy Durham
    Davy Durham

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