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Phormer - PHP without MySQL PhotoGallery / News: Recent posts

Phormer 3.31 will be release before Jan 21

I'm engaged with final exams of university courses. :-(
This way, I may be over for 10 days or a bit more. after that, I'll do Phormer 3.31 with following changes:

* SlideShow's bug (showing just 5 recents!) would be fixed. an option of setting that caching photos would be added to advanced-configurations and a default value of (50) would be set!

* A Security bug of viewablity of data/adminPass.info would be fixed.... read more

Posted by Aideen NasiriShargh 2007-01-10

Phormer 3.30 with Mass Upload and SlideShow!

Phormer, The "PHP Without MySQL" Photo Gallery Manager Application has just published in a new release. If you don't know it, I would be glad to invite you to take a look at its homepage: http://p.horm.org/er/

Following features are added in the new version (3.30):

* Instantaneous Help
* Slide Show
* Bulk (Mass) Upload (yet in AJAX): you can upload a .zip file with lots of images in it and Phormer will extract it and save its photos, temporarily. later, you can quick-add all of them in a glance. this way, adding 100 photos won't take more than 3 minutes~20 clicks!
* Statistics: online-visitors, today/yesterday/this-month/ ... hits
* Revisited Backup system
* and much more...... read more

Posted by Aideen NasiriShargh 2007-01-08

Phormer 3.20 with new features!

* Sory by Recently visiteds, Mostly visited, Top rated in new page.
* Fancy Administration area!
* Improved Category/Story removal.
* Reviewing Themes (just one CSS file)
* Adding Uninstall page
* Reforming preferences, adding more technical choices
and much more is now available at phormer 3.20.

I shall thank Michal Paluchowski for his great feedbacks.

Posted by Aideen NasiriShargh 2006-09-14

First Public Release of Phormer 3.01

Phormer 3.01, first public release of Phormer has just finished and placed at SF.net to download.
Check the summary at http://p.horm.org/er
and the demo at http://p.horm.org

Posted by Aideen NasiriShargh 2006-08-26