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Fabrizio Biondi

Welcome to RenPhotoByDate project page!

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RenPhotoByDate is a simple command-line php script which take one o more files, tests if there is an EXIF date of creation e eventually it renames the file according to YYYYMMDD_HHMM format. It's designed to rename digitl-camera generated JPG files from standard name (e.g. DSC0001.jpg, or IMG_0034.jpg) into a name created using shot time (year, month, day, hour and minutes) like 20110531_1534.jpg.
This shuould create unique and ordered photo names. If there are more photos with tha same time of creation in the same directory the script will add a progressive numeric suffix to the file name. If no EXIF data is founded RPbN bypasses the file.

RenPhotoByName was created in 2010 by Fabrizio Biondi ( and it's released under GPL license.

RenPhotoByName is writter in PHP so it's multiplatforms but it was tested only under Unix/Linux environments.
It's assumes that php-cli is installed on the system.

rpbd.php <filename1> [<filename2>...]


rpbd.php *.jpg


rpbd.php .