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  • Xavier


    After some days of searching everywhere and looking in the code, it appears that I can't have the option to export in wordbib format. I've installed (compiled then copied) Bibutils (v3.40) executables under /var/www/refbase-0.9.0/bibutils directoy, changed the line in the "depends" table in mysql database, then I found in cvs that I didn't had the export_xml2word.php file in the export/bibutils directory so I added it. Nothing change in the listbox of the GUI. The only export format available are : BibText, Endnote, RIS, MODS XML, ODF XML. 

    Anyone have an idea ?

    Thanks for you help.


    • Hi Xavier,

      > it appears that I can't have the option to export in wordbib format

      The ability to export refbase records to Word 2007 XML Bibliography format has been added after the release of refbase-0.9.0. Currently, the feature is only available in the trunk of the refbase SVN repository.


      If I understand you correctly, you haven't yet upgraded to the refbase SVN version, but have just added a few files from the SVN directory to your refbase-0.9.0 setup, is this correct? If so, this isn't supported and may lead to other issues. If you need the export to Word 2007 XML Bibliography format now, then your only option will be to upgrade refbase to the SVN version:


      After you've upgraded all your scripts, please make sure to exectute 'update.php' in your browser. All new export formats should then be available in the refbase admin interface (under the 'options.php' page that's available for each user). However, the "Word XML" format should be enabled by default anyhow.

      Maybe this last point (enabling the export format in the admin interface) is the only thing you're missing, but I'm not sure. In any case, it's surely better to fully upgrade to the refbase SVN version, and not mix scripts from refbase-0.9.0 with later scripts. The refbase SVN version that's available in the SVN trunk is stable, and I don't anticipate any big issues when upgrading this version from the SVN trunk to any later/upcoming release version.

      Hope this helps,


    • Xavier

      Hello Matthias,

      Thanks for all your explanations, it's now clear for me.
      I'm going to do that.

      Thanks again,