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  • Peter Mudde
    Peter Mudde

    Hey, at the begin I want to thank you for your amazing program! My question is the following: where can I find the source C(++) files? Maybe a stupid question, but I can't find them on the download page! Sincerely, Peter

    • If a project has released binaries via SourceForge's File Release System, matching sources must be released. Projects that have released binaries but not source code are reported to SourceForge via Support Request at:, and vigorously pursued.

      Another user requested the sources about three months ago, here:

      The admin of this project is probably not monitoring the traffic here closely, or I believe he would have posted the code, which is viewable here:

      I have mailed him and asked him to fix this issue, I hope that he will answer soon, or this project might be expelled from SourceForge.

    • Sources can be downloaded from:

    • Peter Mudde
      Peter Mudde

      Hey Marios,

      Thanks for your effort!

      The last link is now not available because ViewVC is disabled...
      Hopefull it will works in a short time.

    • Nikolay Redko
      Nikolay Redko

      Zip with source files is included in installer. Please look at C:\Program Files\RBTray\