#9 compile problems on SunOS 2.8



I tried running configure but I can't get past this at
all ... I don't re[tend to have enough expertise to
understand exactly what that is for so I'm not going to
try and modify configure without some guidance. Please
let me know if there is some kind of work-around or fix
for this.
I am on SunOS 5.8, sparc 64bit

Here is the error that configure keeps coming up with

checking type of array argument to getgroups... gid_t
checking whether getpgrp takes no argument...
configure: error: cannot check getpgrp if cross


  • Werner G Krebs
    Werner G Krebs

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  • Werner G Krebs
    Werner G Krebs

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    I know about this bug but am not sure what to do about it.

    It occurs on some platforms as a result of the version of GNU Autoconf I'm using to build the release.

    What is happening is that ./configure thinks you are crossing-compiling the C++ (which is a weird thing to
    conclude, but this what this version of GNU Autoconf concludes.)
    It may be mitigated if a C++ compiler is present, i.e., install gcc if it is not there already.

    Another solution is to eliminate the C++ from the program (it is only used in queue_manager.) and then
    modify configure.in to inform it that C++ is not used.

  • Colin Smith
    Colin Smith

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    The configure script thinks that one of your compilers is a
    cross compiler. You probably have a compiler in your path
    and a linker from another development environment.

    i.e. gcc as the compiler and the native SunOS linker.

    Make sure you have the correct PATH set up and make sure you
    have the gcc binutils etc installed and being used.