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Tree [r4013] /

File Date Author Commit
GDAL 2011-10-19 kiozen [r3013] fix PVALUE
GarminDev 2012-08-27 kiozen [r3453] clean up code
QLandkarteGT 2 days ago kiozen [r4013] enhance display of multiple polyline text
QLandkarteM 2014-04-11 kiozen [r3946]
Research 2013-12-08 kiozen [r3762]
libexif 2009-05-28 kiozen [r1450]
map2gcm 2011-03-30 kiozen [r2709]
map2jnx 2012-11-23 kiozen [r3556]
mpr2gtiff 2009-02-04 kiozen [r1134]