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Thumbnails do not display

Qdig Help
  • terran2200

    Hi, I just installed the script but all I see is the alternate text for the images, no images are displayed.

    Here are the diagnostic messages:

    Diagnostic Messages:
    Qdig version is,  PHP Version is 5.2.6 on Linux
    Server Software is Apache/2.2.9 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.9 OpenSSL/0.9.8i DAV/2 mod_auth_passthrough/2.1 mod_bwlimited/1.4 FrontPage/
    $qdig_url is /index.php
    $php_self is /index.php
    $script_name is /index.php
    Query string is Qwd=./Conventions/Las%20Vegas%202008&Qiv=thumbs&Qis=M
    $pwd is ./Conventions/Las Vegas 2008,  $chroot_dir is (empty)
    $is_included is FALSE,  $header['force_ena']/['force_disa'] are FALSE/FALSE
    $qdig_files is qdig-files  (exists, with 775 perms),  $cnvrtd_dir is (empty)
    $cnvrtd_files_root is ./qdig-files/converted-images/  (exists, with 775 perms)
    $captions_root is ./qdig-files/captions/  (exists, with 775 perms)
    $convert_magick is TRUE,  $convert_cmd is /usr/bin/convert  (exists, with 755 perms)
    $convert_GD is FALSE,  GD version 2 detected,  phpinfo() function is enabled
    $convert_writable is TRUE,  $convert_readable is TRUE,  $reqd_view is thumbs
    $thmbs_ena is TRUE,  $namelinks_ena is FALSE,  $check_security is TRUE
    $is_readable_disa is FALSE,  $file_exists_disa is FALSE,  $compat_quote is TRUE
    Execution time is 8 milliseconds, max_execution_time is 30 seconds

    • Hagan Fox
      Hagan Fox

      [Apologies for the delayed reply.]

      This is a puzzler!  I double-read the diag messages and everything look correct.  One possibility is SELinux being enabled on the server.

      Out of curiosity, are zero-byte caption files being created?  If you create gallery (sub)directories are (sub)directories created.  (That is: Can Qdig create directories but not files?)

      Perhaps try Qdig 2 (currently the qdig-devel release) to see if anything is different.  (Rename index.php to something else and drop it into the directory alongside the existing version.)