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QConsole v3.0 Released !

Version 3.0

- Ported completely to Qt4 (without Qt3 support)
- Improved the formatting of the help message (help tcl command)
- carriage return is no more replaced with \n in history list of commands
- Removed the name paramater in the console constructors
and added an HTML welcomeText one that can be displayed at first
- Removed interceptor class => use tcl channels to redirect tcl output & error
into console
- Improved auto-completion:
- Displays the most common word from the suggested list
- Auto-complete Tcl commands and sub-commands (located after [ ; { \n)
- QConsole class:
* Identified and removed some conditional jumps using
uninitialized variables
* execCommand() can now return a value as a the result of the command
* Undo/Redo disabled
* Navigating in history (up & down keys) skips identical commands
(Contributed by MARTINEAU Simon)
* Home now works well in multi-line commands (Shift+Home select the line)
* Disabled the popup menu
* Allow selection outside of edition zone (event with dbl click) in order to copy
* Several fixed bugs
* Paste using middle key : copy done automatically
- TCL:
* Solved stdout and stderr output (Thanks to linoux)

Posted by Houssem BDIOUI 2012-08-19

QConsole 2.0 Released !

- Support of Qt4.x:
* Qt3.x still supported
- QConsole class:
* Pasting with middle mouse button possible even when clicking outside of the edition zone
* New internal replaceCurrentCommand() method for better modularity
* When navigating in history, multi-line commands were not totally replaced
* Possibility to disable the stdout/stderr interception
* Possibility to choose the colors of the cmd, stdout, stderr and completion (as well as the font)
* a new loadScript() method (useful for scripting languages not providing this feature)
- QTclconsole class:
* Use of tclnotify.* approach allowing interpreting asynchrnous tcl commands as in: after 1000 {puts hello} - Thanks to Ulrich Ring
- New Python implementation (QPyConsole - thanks to Mondrian Nuessle).
- General code review

Posted by Houssem BDIOUI 2006-03-23

QConsole 1.1 Released

- Better design
- Improved Tcl registration of functions/methods/Vars along with online help
- Auto-complete feature
- Save script feature
- Several bugs fixed
- ...

Posted by Houssem BDIOUI 2005-11-30

QConsole 1.0 Released

The console emulation based on the Qt library is now released. A fully functional TCL console is also provided as an example.

Posted by Houssem BDIOUI 2005-07-29