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pytrainer / News: Recent posts

PyTrainer 1.8.0 available!

Some highlights:

- Equipment management
- OpenStreetMaps integration (choice as embedded map and able to upload records to OSM website)
- New graphic approach, much more flexible and accurate
- Added support for Nokia exported GPX files
- Better support for csv and delimited files.
- Improved handling of US units

And much more!

In addition, a lot of internal improvements and bugs fixed.

To download gzipped tarball file: read more

Posted by David 2010-11-29

PyTrainer 1.7.0 is out!

On behalf of everyone who supports pyTrainer, I am happy to announce that version 1.7.0 is out. So far you can get it in 2 different ways:

- Download tar.gz file from
- Retrieve source code from svn:

Major changes:

- Added weekly view
- Twice as fast when parsing gpx files (e.g. rendering records graphs)
- Support for TCXv1 and TCXv2 and GPX files (not yet for lap stuff). Improved plugins handling (more than 20 times faster for mid size entries!!)
- Updated french and spanish translations
- Support for plugin validation (triggered with --valid at startup)
- Refactoring database and config file sanity checks (triggered with --check at startup)
- Start of rework for Google Map rendering - experimental!, test with --gmaps3 at startup
- Several bugs fixed... read more

Posted by David 2009-12-06

PyTrainer available

Pytrainer is a tool to log all your sport excursion coming from Garmin devices (focus on ForeRunnner 205 and 305) or GPX ( files. Pytrainer supports GPS track files and displays it in graphs, maps...

This version has huge performance improvements when parsing xml files as well as better integration with Wordpress

Posted by David 2009-04-19

Pytrainer released!

After 6 months, here we are a new version of pytrainer. Several bug fixed and also the removal of license issue to become official debian package

Posted by David 2009-03-29 available in svn version is available in the svn repository. Feel free to check it out and report any problem before the official one is released (scheduled to 29.03.2009 if no major issues appear)

Posted by David 2009-03-26

Updating data

We are on our way to update all info related to the project: bug tracking, feature requests, svn repository, wiki... I would just ask for a bit of patience until the work is done.

Posted by David 2008-09-02