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#119 Action Editor resurrected

John Henry

In 2004, there was a experimentalResourceEditor released with PythonCard. To be honest, it wasn't very good (in my humble opinion). However, it had one feature that I like a lot - the Action Editor. This is a dialog for selecting which action (or methods) to activate for a particular widget. For instance, if you created a button, you can select mouseClick, mouseMove, and so forth. It was very nice because now I don't have to memorize which widget can do what. I just select that from a list.

It appears the code was never finished - or at least to the degree I like to see it. With a later release of layoutEditor (not sure if it was later or not but nonetheless, layoutEditor is what I use), this feature was dropped - or never included in layoutEditor.

Well, I like the feature so much that I decided to have it resurrected. With the attached package (need to overlay on top of the existing one - do your backup of the entire Pythoncard directory because I did some mod to model.py and so forth), you will see a ActionEditor button in the Property Editor window and when clicked, brings up the original ActionEditor (cleaned up and debugged).

In addition to just setting the actionBinding of the widget, I went a little further: it actually generates a code-stub for each of those actions (!!!) which helps me tremendously. I hope this mod is useful to othres.


  • John Henry
    John Henry

    Action Editor resurrected