#15 [PATCH] OpenLDAP OPT_DEFBASE Support (new patch / comment)

Johannes Weißl

Sorry for sending a duplicate feature request to 2185369, but I could somehow not comment on it. They can be merged if possible!

stroeder wrote on 2008-11-20 16:49:44 CET:
> Can you please elaborate which versions of the OpenLDAP libs supports this
> option?
> In general I'm not in favor of letting Python apps rely on ldap.conf since
> this proprietary OpenLDAP configuration concept is widely misused.

LDAP_OPT_DEFBASE seems to be supported since Tue Apr 25 20:23:01 2006 UTC [1] [2]. The oldest release on the FTP which I could find was 2.4.6 (released on 2007/10/31). I updated the patch to current CVS and also included ifdefs for older versions of openldap. I would suggest accepting the patch,
since it doesn't mean Python apps rely on ldap.conf (since the default basedn could be overwritten by command line args to the application). Also options like LDAP_OPT_URI (which can be set in ldap.conf) are already supported.



  • Applied the patch and committed in CVS HEAD. Please test.

  • Will be in 2.3.13 once tested...

    • assigned_to: nobody --> stroeder
    • status: open --> closed