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Ilya Etingof

SNMP v1/v2c/v3 engine and apps written in pure-Python.

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Sending INFORM through SNMPv2c
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Setting a value through SNMPv2c
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Reading a value through SNMPv3

Project Members:

  • Liang.Zhang

    How to use MibBuilder?
    Thank You for your contribution to the Pysnmp Project.
    This days, I want to use the Pysnmp, but now I have two questions,
    First, I do not know how to turn the string in the IF-MIB such as “ifName” to the OID ‘’, and How I judge the whether the name is in the MIB?
    Second, I want to learn how the Pysnmp works? If we have some Special request, we can add some code . Do you have any docs or other such as architecture of the Pysnmp?
    Thank you very mach(Apologize for my poor English, I am Chinese).

  • Ilya Etingof
    Ilya Etingof

    You can use snmptranslate command (from Net-SNMP package) for turning symbolic MIB object into an OID. Or you can pass symbolic names to
    your pysnmp app if you have relevant MIB compiled into pysnmp format and accessible to your pysnmp script.

    To compile plain MIB into pysnmp form you should use the pysnmp/tools/build-pysnmp-mib script.

    We have some documentation on pysnmp and lots of examples covering various aspects of using pysnmp here: